Redding Cooperative Preschool

A place where parents and children learn, play, and make new friends together using hands-on developmentally appropriate activities in a safe environment. Come join us!

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Families and children of the Redding Cooperative Preschool participate in several fundraisers during the school year. We graciously appreciate community donations.

Learning Takes the Stage

An all-weather stage is the latest “outdoor classroom” added to the Redding Cooperative Preschool, where children are discovering and developing their first skills as dancers, singers, musicians and even inventors of instruments. The stage, measuring 16 feet wide by 8 feet deep, is slightly raised and surrounded by child-size chairs, tables and benches carved from recycled logs. A curtain will complete the simple stage,
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What’s My Role at the Co-op?

At the Redding Co-op, we strongly believe the more involvement parents (or grandparents, or other designated caregivers) share in their child’s development, the more rewarding the experience is for all. This means a child’s parent has the special experience of participating in the classrooms, assisting the teacher and playing an important supporting role in the children’s learning and discovery. Parents are given the guidance
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