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My daughter went to the co-op when she was 3; she is now 11 and in the 6th grade. It was a great first experience to “school.” I loved that I could help out and be a part of the school, yet allow her to become confident on her own. She met many friends, some of them she is still going to school with. I still stay in contact with the other parents and still run into “Teacher Wendy”! I would highly recommend the co-op for a start with your kids’ school memories.

Jenni Haley

It was a great experience for our 3 children … Met wonderful families and teachers who shared similar values, and the value was exceptional!

Curtis Wong

It’s been 30 years since my daughter attended Redding Co-op Preschool, and we both still have fond memories of the experience. Getting to know the parents, as well as the children, created more of a family feel to the place, and in fact we became acquainted with some lifelong friends.

There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to observe your child in a stimulating situation such as the preschool. You’re learning about child development while watching your child interact with others. The experience is invaluable.

Canda Williams

I remember I loved the tradition of eating lunch. The kids would practice being courteous and social as they sat at the little round tables and passed the food around family style. And it was so cute! Learning takes many forms and learning to enjoy a meal with other people is one of many skills valued at the Redding Co-op Preschool.

Kathy Hill

My mother was an early participant at Redding Co-op Preschool in 1960, and I followed the family tradition with our son in 2001. The Co-op prepared me to be an active parent volunteer, which was a requirement of my son’s K-8 charter school. We loved the collective nature and creative atmosphere of the Co-op, and made lifelong friends. Now I’m a high school music mom, and — oops, gotta go to a booster meeting!

Jenny Abbe Moyer

The Redding Cooperative Preschool is uniquely just that: cooperative. I love how families come together, bringing their time and talents to share, and the way it builds a close-knit community. The children experience a warm and positive space to learn and grow. It’s awesome!

Kate Gray Tioran

I loved the Redding Co-op Preschool. The interaction with the parents, the way everyone worked together, and the creativity. Our children benefited from the social interaction with other children and we, as parents, benefited by taking part in our children’s growth and education. It is wonderful to laugh and play with the children. Redding Co-op classes enabled me to have a better understanding of the pre-school age child and actually paved the way for my husband and I to become founders of Toddler Train, a Sunday School class for 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds.

Nicola Tomasini

The co-op has a great educational program for the children. What really makes it special is the community of devoted parents.

Bruce Ross